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Dr. Wexler is internationally recognized for her ability to speak from the heart in a way that brings clarity to the issues in your life. Her talks will plant you firmly on the right path to improving your relationships.


Do you have a group that would benefit from Dr. Wexler's experience?

Dr. Wexler is available as a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, or subject matter expert, and she can provide customized classes/workshops.  Email Dr. Wexler with your request


Do not miss the opportunity to attend one of her events!


See below for details on the next workshop.


A workshop for divorced and blended families

Co-parenting can be incredibly challenging, but there are ways to make it easier.


                                     • Learn how to better navigate common co-parenting stumbling blocks
                                • Gain confidence in dealing with even the most difficult ex
                                • Increase personal awareness to decrease parenting conflicts


Date: To be announced


Cost: $89.00 Per Person

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